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mission statement

It is our mission to help our clients define their place in the community and to enhance their surrounding built environment.  We accomplish this by understanding their needs, aspirations and resources.

Our core values are based on communication, inspiration, and collaboration.


We believe that talking, and more importantly, listening to the client is the foundation for creating lasting relationships and architecture.  Our philosophy is that the client understands what they want and we provide the conduit for their ideas to be expressed.


We are truly inspired by each client and project.  Every project is different and requires a unique solution.  The R2 Design Group looks at each project from all viewpoints which helps create the right solution to the problem.  We strive for unique solutions that celebrate the site, surrounding environment, and intended use all within budget.


We believe in a process that creates innovative architectural solutions within the project constraints.  To do this, there must be interdisciplinary integration where there is an atmosphere of trust and collaboration.  The process of architecture and design must be interactive and include the client and all members of the design team.
A commitment to architecture and design that incorporates these values has earned the R2 Design Group high praise from our clients.


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